$ 95.00

The Stud-Bucker is a specially designed humbucker pickup which is a direct drop in replacement for any HB equipped guitar.  Instead of using the common bar magnet setup found on most humbuckers, the Stud-Bucker uses a Fender style rod magnet setup.  This offers a more focused magnetic field, which produces a stronger response from the high end and upper mid frequencies.  Nice and chimy and clear, but still with classic HB performance and mid range push.  You get a great driven tone that retains more clarity than a typical HB pickup, and a clean tone that has great Fender and/or Gretsch jangle and chime.  Very open tone works well for a variety of styles of music, from clean to dirty.  Available with all options found with my other Humbucker sets!  Drop in replacement with no body modifications required for all humbucker guitars!

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