56T - WG - White Guard

$ 75.00

The 56T - WG is a recreation of an historical set I was able to work on a couple years ago.  These offer a classic White Guard era output coupled with slightly weaker magnets to give you a bit more mid presence to go along with vintage snappy top end response. 

The historical set I examined had magnets that were de-gaussed to roughly 50% typical values, which allows more mid presence to come through the EQ and offers a very balanced, dynamic response.  To achieve this magnet design I use a special, slight staggered AlNiCo rod design for a very unique, versatile tone.

Available in matched sets and as single pickups.  Sold with standard non-RWRP wiring.  If you need RWRP in matched sets,  please contact me directly after ordering!  Necks come standard with Chrome Cover, if you need another finish option please contact me.

I believe you will find these to be some of the absolute best Tele pickups you have ever played.

Outputs and Magnet

Neck: 7.4k ; Bridge 6.7k.  AlNiCo Custom Rod, staggered, polished, hand bevelled, copper baseplate on bridge.

Aging available at no additional cost.



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