Fat Goat HB/P90

$ 100.00

The Fat Goat HB / P90 is a drop in replacement pickup to transform your humbucker equipped guitar into a gritty P90 tone monster!  A great fit for many styles of music, the Fat Goat HB / P90 will give your guitar a fresh tone and a dyamic response across the EQ range.  Available in two configurations.  The Vintage model is based off of classic P90 outputs, whereas the Hot Vintage is a slightly overwound design with more mid presence.

Available with nickel, black/nickel, or red/nickel finish.  RWRP standard when ordering as a set unless otherwise indicated!  Chrome covers should be available within a couple weeks.

Outputs and Magnets

Vintage : 7.3k neck ; 7.6k bridge - AlNiCo 4, rough

Hot Vinage : 7.8k neck, 8.5k bridge - AlNiCo 5, rough

*Outputs should be considered averages and can alter with temperature and environment.  Outputs and magnets can be tweaked to customer needs.

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