$ 75.00

Classic aggressive early Blackguard tone with strong output and warm A3 magnets.  Based off of the earliest Tele style pickups, the Broadcaster replacement set offers a warmer mid range, chunky but tight low end, and smooth top end with ample cut. Very well balanced with great versatility.  Great attitude for your Tele!


  • Period correct A3 magnets
  • Skinny 43awg magnet wire
  • Laquer coated Forbon Bobbins
  • String wrap bridge Insulation in white, black, or black/white
  • Steel baseplate on bridge
  • Chrome plated neck cover
  • 11.4k dcr bridge output average
  • 7.8k dcr neck output average

These are direct drop in replacement pickups for your T Style guitar

For Bridge Position ordering, select None as Cover Choice!

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