$ 85.00

The T-90 Telecaster set combines classic P90 performance in a drop in no mod package for your T-Style guitar!  Built with vintage P90 output, double bar magnet setup, and adjustable steel screws, the T-90 is a great blend of P90 and Tele pickups!  Rounder with a more even top end, the T-90 is very versatile for a variety of styles and retains great dynamics when run clean or dirty.  From gritty P90 blues tones to chunky rhythms, the T-90 is a great alternative for your Tele!

Pickups come RWRP standard.  Neck model is available uncovered in black or with an open top satin nickel cover.  Bridge T-90 matches well with a variety of neck Tele models if you prefer a more standard Lipstick style look.

Please note when ordering 'Nickel Open Top' and N/A' are options for Neck pickup only and need to be selected to show item as available for order!


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