Hybrid 60

$ 75.00

Hybrid set for great balance and tone!  Early 60's output for classic Tele tone coupled with hybrid AlNiCo2 / AlNiCo 5 magnet setup for better EQ balance.  A2 magnets on the higher strings smooths out bright treble, A5 magnets on the lower strings brightens up darker lows, giving an overall great balanced tone that is both warm and articulate clean or dirty.  Ideal for those looking for classic Tele output and performance without sharp treble nor dark bass response.  Extremely Versatile predecessor to one of the most sought after 'Boutique' Tele sets out there.  These will hang with them all day and then some!


  • Vintage style magnet wire
  • A5 Magnets on bass strings, A2 on treble strings
  • Nickel clad Steel bridge baseplate
  • Chrome plated or Raw nickel cover
  • 7.6k dcr output bridge average
  • 7.3k dcr output neck average
  • String wrap insulation for bridge postion - white, black, black/white, or red
  • Push-back conductor wire
  • RWRP available

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