Barn Burner

$ 85.00

The Barn-Burner is a hot Tele bridge pickup that is very dynamic and offers a rich, powerful mid-range.  Powered by AlNiCo2 magnets for extra smoothness and wound up to a hot 15k, the Barn-Burner will burn up any material, clean or dirty, and give you a great rockin' Tele tone!  Matches well with other Manlius Tele Neck pickups to offer a versatile pair that can cover a lot of ground!  The Barn-Burner comes with AlNiCo 2 magnets, black laquer coated fibre-board bobbins, string-wrap insulation (black, white, or black/white combo), vintage cloth lead wire and a copper plated steel baseplate.   

The Barn-Burner is a drop in replacement for all T style guitars!

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