T-Top Replica

$ 100.00

The T-Top Replica is a faithful recreation of 1970's era Gibson humbucking pickups that really capture the tone and feel of the "second" wave of classic rock pickups!  Made with vintage correct magnet wire, short-bar AlNiCo V magnets, and vintage correct outputs.  These are for players who want a vintage feel with a crisper, harder attack courtesy of the AlNiCo V magnet.  Basically you have a low output humbucking pickup that is powered by a stronger A5 magnet, which produces a nice edge to the tone with great clarity and articulation clean or dirty.  When driven the TTop has a very musical response that is both crisp and aggressive.  When purchased as a set, the neck and bridge pickups are calibrated for optimal balance. 

These are based directly off of historical examples I own and are as authetic to 1970's humbuckers as I can make.  

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