Vintage 'Howlin Goat' P90

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The Howlin Goat P90 is an authentic representation of vintage P90 examples.  Vintage correct outputs and magnets are used for great P90 tone.  A P90 is essentially a big single coil, with a magnetic field that is not quite as focused as you would find on aFender style single coil.. The large coil and 'rounder' magnetic field offer a very rich, sustain-filled tone that has a great mid response, with rich lows and focused highs. P90's can be smooth and warm when clean, and rude and crunchy when driven.   The Howlin Goat has this optimal diversity and complex tone that makes a P90 a favorite amongst discerning musicians.  Vintage based output and magnet ratings offer a diverse tonal palette for a variety of styles complete with excellent sustain, and fantastic gain response.


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