Hot Rod 59

$ 100.00

The Hot Rod 59 is an overwound, powerful PAF based pickup that utilizes all the same high level materials found in my PAF offerings, but wound up to higher outputs.  Coupled with a stronger AlNiCo 5 grade magnet, the HR59 offers a very complex PAF based tone with great overtones, versatility, dynamics, and unbelievable sustain. while offering a little more vintage gain.  The stronger AlNiCo 5 magnet gives great clarity when needed, and helps deliver a very powerful, searing driven tone. This is as powrful a PAF pickup possible while still using vintage correct materials. Utilizes the same magnet wire, winding pattern, and magnet species of all my PAF reproductions.  Higher output for great versatiliity, rude or polite, it can handle rock to blues and everywhere in between.  Rich driven tone with excellent sustain, articulate clean tone.  A2 magnet option available for a 'Brown Sound' type of tone!


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