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The SP90 is a direct drop in replacment for all Strat type single coil guitars and features true P90 tonal response and dynamics blended with classic S-Style dimensions!  The SP90 features double bar magnets and steel adjustable pole-screws, as found on a standard P90 pickup which allows for a convincing P90 tone from a Strat type single coil package. Gritty, rich, and powerful, the SP90 opens up new tonal options for your S type guitar with stronger P90 outputs and more rounded P90 magnetic fields and dynamic response!  Ideal for players looking to combine the best of classic Gibson and Fender single coil pickups into one package!  Available in a variety of cover colors and  in either standard wiring or RWRP for hum cancelling in the 2/4 positions of your 5 way selector!  Order 'Matched Set' for a calibrated set!

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