Vintage 62

$ 60.00

Reproduction of a set of pickups pulled from a 1962 Strat!  A vintage medium output is mated with classic strong A5 magnets for pure 60's era Strat Tones.  The A5 magnets give great clarity and top end response while the output and magnet wire fill out the bottom and give an overall balanced tone that is full of classic chime and versatility.  Coupled with a present mid response, the Vintage 62 pickups handle drive and gain from amp or pedal very well and when run clean are warm but retain excellent top end shimmer for a classic vintage tone.  

Available in a variety of cover colors and  in either standard wiring or RWRP for hum cancelling in the 2/4 positions of your 5 way selector!  Order 'Matched Set' for a calibrated set!

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