70s Super D

$ 100.00

Classic overdrive pickup!  The Manlius 70s Super D is a faithful recreation of early Super Distortion pickups.  Built with exacting spec - hex head 'grub' screw poles, period correct magnet wire, period correct outputs, ceramic magnets with steel shim, brass baseplate, and braided two conductor lead wire (4 conductor available).

Punchy lead tones with enough power to push most any amp, the 70s Super D is a great fit for harder 70s and 80s style rock.

Vintage examples have been used by a wide variety of players and bands, from early Maiden to Kiss - even the Grateful Dead for a period (!), the versatility of this bridge pickup is excellent, especially for a medium high output pickup.

The only thing to be careful of is super high gain setups can get a little flabby and mushy and would benefit from some minor tweaks.

Available in Black, Zebra, Reverse Zebra, White, and Vintage White.  Sorry no Cream!  Soon to be available in metallic covers!

For a great matching neck pickup look at the T-Top Replica for a classic 70's and 80's tone!


13.6k output

Ceramic magnets

Vintage SPN magnet wire

Based off of historical examples

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