Fat Diane PAF

$ 100.00

Based directly off of a set of PAF pickups from a 1960 ES335, the Fat Diane PAF offers a full bodied vintage PAF tone.  Holding the classic clarity, articulation, and versatility of the most common vintage PAF's, the Fat Diane offers a touch more output and a warmer grade magnet.which result in a richer response that is very touch sensitive.  The richer tone doesn't sacrifice articulation or clarity, clean or dirty, rather it adds a level of fullness, or 'fatness' to the overall tone.  Authenitc reproduction of a vintage set of 1960 Patent Applied For Pickups with big overtones and a very balanced tonal EQ.  Vintage correct Plain Enamel Magnet wire, AlNiCo magnets charged to exact specs of 1960 PAF set, and Output ratings matching specs of 1960 PAF set




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