$ 100.00

Low - Wind PAF

The low wind PAF has been all the rage over the last few years, and the 59LT model is the Manlius take on a Low Turn count PAF design.   Built with new-old stock magnet wire for a balanced tone with great articulation and punchy dynamics along with vintage warmth with superior definition.  With classic PAF attack, these are powered by long-bar smooth cast AlNiCo 3 magnets in both neck and bridge positions.  The lower than standard PAF outputs rate in the low 7k range for both neck and bridge postion, which offers a full and warm tone, that retains great clarity and clean definition while full of overtones when pushed at higher volumes or with gain pedals.

Optional magnet - AlNiCo 2 is offered as a no cost option for both neck and bridge.  The A2 magnet will offer a touch more clarity to top end response and a slightly hotter tone  with an overall tighter bottom.  Contact direct for more information.

Built by hand in Syracuse NY, the 59LT features classic Manlius design elements, including hand scatter-winding, american sourced magnets, vintage steel alloy parts, universal depth base-plate legs, maple spacers, and light wax potting for consistent performance.

General Specs

  • Baseplates - pure nickel silver with universal depth legs
  • Magnets - AlNiCo II or III smooth
  • Wire - NOS orange PE
  • Covers - pure nickel silver, plated or unplated
  • Bobbins - high sheen and field polished, various colors
  • Spacing - Standard and wide F spacing available on all models
  • Conductor - vintage braid two conductor or low impedance 4 conductor
  • Winding - hand scatter-wound with mismatched coils
  • Aging - available at no additional cost
  • DC 6.9k neck ; 7.3k bridge


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