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Rockabilly Classic!

Manlius TRON pickups have arrived - in four flavors!  Classic rockabilly, rock, and country tones abound.  Everything is in play, from bright, snappy clean to rich, harmonic overdriven tones.  Don't let the lower DCR ratings fool you, these can rock when needed and clean up as asked.  Need a little more top end sizzle, go with the Ceramic options.  Need a little more front of amp heat and push, go for a Hot version! Built with period correct components, including large thread 6-40 pole screws, nickel covers, fiber top plate, thick bar magnets, and nickel baseplates.

Built by hand in Syracuse NY, the TRON Series features classic Manlius design elements, including scatter-winding, American sourced magnets, vintage steel alloy parts, and light wax potting for consistent performance.

 General Specs

  • Baseplates - pure nickel silver, no mounting legs
  • Magnets - AlNiCo Rough or Ceramic
  • Wire - SPN
  • Covers - pure nickel silver, Chrome Plated or Satin/Raw 
  • Bobbins - Nylon, fiber bobbin top
  • Spacing - Standard Vintage and Modern Bridge
  • Conductor - vintage braid two conductor or low impedance 4 conductor
  • Winding - scatter-wound with balanced coils
  • Aging - available at no additional cost
  • Vintage AlNiCo - 4.0k neck / 4.6k bridge
  • Vintage Ceramic - 4.0k neck / 4.6k bridge
  • Hot AlNiCo - 5.8k neck / 6.5k bridge
  • Hot Ceramic - 7.0k neck / 8.0k bridge


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