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Modern Gain, Vintage EQ

The Modern Vintage is a blend of vintage dynamics and modern gain tones tied together in a versatile, drop-in replacement humbucker.  Utilizing AlNiCo 5 magnets and custom magnet wires, the Modern Vintage retains great EQ dynamics with just the right balance of lows, mids, and highs.  The extra output allows for easier breakup and front of the amp push for a more modern gain tone.  Roll back the volume controls and the Modern Vintage cleans up like the best low output vintage pickups.  Overall with a very articulate, balanced clean tone and gritty, modern gain tone, the Modern Vintage is a great pickup for those who need classic versatility with a touch of modern gain and attack.

Built by hand in Syracuse NY, the Modern Vintage features classic Manlius design elements, including hand scatter-winding, american sourced magnets, vintage steel alloy parts, universal depth base-plate legs, maple spacers, and light wax potting for consistent performance.

General Specs

  • Baseplates - pure nickel silver with universal depth legs
  • Magnets - AlNiCo V
  • Wire - SPN
  • Covers - pure nickel silver, plated or unplated
  • Bobbins - high sheen and field polished, various colors
  • Spacing - Standard and wide F spacing available on all models
  • Conductor - vintage braid two conductor or low impedance 4 conductor
  • Winding - hand scatter-wound with heavily mismatched coils
  • Aging - available at no additional cost
  • DC 10.5k neck ; 13.5k bridge



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