Goat-Master P90

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The Goat Master is a drop in replacement pickup for both Soapbar and Dogear equipped P90 guitars.  The Goat Master is a hybrid P90 / Fender Jazzmaster pickup.  Standard P90 coil form and design is coupled with Fender rod-magnet design to give you a great blend of P90 grit and Fender focus and articulation.  Full of big tone and great articulation, the Goat Master comes standard with a Jazzmaster  style output but can be made with a hotter output.  If you want a hotter output please contact me direct for options!

 Soapbar pickups are available in black, cream, or white.   Dogear pickups are available in black or cream.  Pickup sets come RWRP and wax potted standard, but can be supplied otherwise if so desired.

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