Hot Howlin Goat P90

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The Hot Howlin Goat is designed to give true P90 response with a touch more power while moving some of the thicker midrange to a more balanced EQ.  High end has wonderful clarity and cut while the low end gives a tight, rich overtone to the pickup.  The fantastic mid presence of a P90 remains, although refined for smoother delivery. and a more balanced EQ.  The extra windings give a more powerful output that retains optimum clarity when driven and gives fantastic note to note clarity and presence. when coupled with the stronger AlNiCo5 magnets.  A very harmonic pickup that adds a touch more versatility to the P90 design with both greater output and clarity.  The Hot Howlin Goat is available in either dogear or soapbar styles, and are a drop in replacement for P90 equipped guitars. 

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