Manlius Pickups - New models! November 10 2016

November 2016

Ok, bunch of new products to mention, plus some old favorites are back ready to be built again.

T90 and SP90 are back and orderable.  I had some issues getting some plastic parts on the T90 made properly.  But all is set to go.  SP90 is back as well, I also have some new baseplates coming for the Sp90 that will really beef up the tone when needed.

Manlius T90


I'll also have some new items coming live soon.  

59LT - is a low wind PAF pickup built with a nice bit of NOS magnet wire.  The wire isn't from the 50's, but it is pretty old and gives a nice vintage tone.  LT stands for low turn (low output) and these are run with killer A3 magnets.  These should be orderable soon.

Tarbak - Clone of mid 70's Super Humbuckers, minus the messy black epoxy potting.  Low output T-Top style coils with cool ceramic magnets for quite the top end response.

Manlius Standard T & B - Clone of some killer Standard Bass and Treble humbucker pickups, with A5 magnets on the slug coil giving you great top end and a very nice split coil tone.  Available with the 88 Mod on the bridge pickup, which replaces the A5 slugs on the B and high E strings.  Great for your PRS, SE, or vintage restoration!

56T - Clone of a vintage set of Tele pickups I got to mess around with recently.  The historical examples were a bit warmer than expected with severely degaussed magnets. These replica's have classic mid 50's whiteguard output matched with lower strength magnets to match the vintage examples.  All leads to a very unique vintage Tele tone with a killer mid range response!

That's pretty much whats new... Hope all is well and good for the rest of the year!