New for 2014! February 26 2014

Manlius Pickups will be dropping some new models and designs throughout 2014!  Last year was one of the most succesful the shop has experienced - I shipped more pickups than ever before and have had a nice increase in daily inquiries and site traffic.  I am hopeful that these new models, along with a new website, will make 2014 an even better year.  I do want to thank all who have contacted me about pickups, ordered them, reviewed them, and spoken kindly of them.  It means a great deal to one-man shop!

New Models:

  • 58 Flat Pole Limited : Unique vintage based S-Style set with some custom tweaks!
  • Fat 54 : Muscled up 1954 S-Style pickup set with big output!
  • The Sixty Seven : repro of my personal favorite Tele set!  Raw and dynamic!
  • Big Chuck : Larger sized magnets and big output in a Tele replacement set!

Additionally, you will find my full line of Jaguar pickups listed for sale on the new site.  I have sourced new part suppliers and now can keep these as a regular offering.  

There have also been some tweaks to models.  Both the Fat Goat and Fat Goat R/90 are available in full nickel or chrome covers, black (or red) with nickel side enclosures, or in the classic white or black plastic look.  These are some of my favorite pickups and it is nice to offer them in a wider range of finish options.

With the new site and several new designs, some older models where dropped from my active list.  I make numerous models, and at times the choices can become daunting and too many choices creates unwanted confusion.  I have taken an effort to streamline some models and drop some others that haven't sold too well.  All these models are still available if they are your personal fav, just not listed here.  

If you have any questions please let me know!  Thanks for taking a look around at Manlius Pickups!