Tarback Replica

$ 100.00

Recreation of the mid 70's counterpoint to the venerable T-Top, the Tarback Replica is the newest offering from Manlius Pickups.  Also known as the Super Humbucker, these were found in many Norlin era Gibson guitars and are known for a very distinctive, rich and booming mid response with an aggressive push.  Certainly not the brightest of tones, but offering ample top end presence and good versatility through the volume and tone controls on your guitar.

These are vintage recreations based off of some sets that I personally own, so they are as close to original as I can make.  The neck pickup is modeled after some slightly later, slightly hotter versions to ensure the best tonal balance between neck and bridge positions when ordering a set.

Vintage cool with classic output and the raw vibe of ceramic magnets!  A great combo.

Available in all Manlius offered colors, covers, and spacing.  Available in Vintage Braid and 4 conductor wiring.  Available in set, neck only, or bridge only.  If you want a custom balanced set matched to another Manlius pickup, please ask any questions to see what will work best.

For best performance, these pickups are wax potted - Not dunked in black epoxy


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