Project PAF - 008

$ 250.00

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Limited Run Series - Authentic PAF Recreations - exacting detail, unique specs from set to set.  As close to vintage as I can make.  Available on the webpage in small drops.  All domestic prices include shipping.  I am confident you won't find a more accurate PAF recreation at a better price.  

Set Specs

  • Baseplates - Nickel Silver with vintage long legs
  • Magnet - Vintage spec rough cast A2 (1/16" thicker than modern magnets)
  • Wire - Elektrasola Plain Enamel, Spool # 33575
  • Covers - Nickel Silver, Nickel plated with copper under plating, LIGHT AGING
  • Bobbins - Butyrate, double cream
  • Screws - 1022, Plated
  • Slugs - 12L15, Plated
  • Keeper - 1010 Steel, raw
  • TPL - 70
  • Conductor - vintage braid two conductor
  • DC 8.4k neck ; 8.9k bridge


Set will be slightly mid range forward, with added warmth the result of the leaded steel slugs and the copper underplating on the covers. 1022 Pole screws can be brighter, so overall EQ balance remains very dynamic at this medium high output level. The output and the A2 magnets lend to a big powerful tone with balanced top end. TPL is classic PAF, and helps keep the low end tight in this set.  Coil mismatch offset is fairly wide on the neck, so clarity should remain in heavier setups. These A2 magnets are thicker than a typical production magnet, built to spec to match A2 examined from various vintage PAF pickups.  A perfect humbucker magnet for dynamic EQ.  This is a big boy PAF.