Custom Hot

$ 0.00

The Custom Hot is an overwound, extremely hot ceramic powered pickup available in both neck and bridge models meant to satisfy players who require hi-gain response with good dynamics, clarity, and maximum sustain.  The bridge pickup is overwound using a special grade and insulated magnet wire, which allows for a great amount of power with a very dynamic EQ.   Bass response is tight and refined from the Ceramic magnet, with a great heavy mid feel with percussive, strong high end.  The Custom Hot offers exceptional front of amp push and gain.  The Neck pickup is calibrated to match nicely with the bridge pickup and is also very hot in its own regard and offers an exceptionally balanced attack great for chunky rhythm and big chords.  The ceramic magnet allows for great clarity and prevents a flabby response, while the high output will make power-chords ring with great aggression and dynamics.  Not for the faint of heart, these are aggressive rock pickups!

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