58 Flatpole Limited

$ 60.00

New for 2014, the 58 Flatpole Limited is based directly off of a very unique and great sounding Strat pickup set from a local players guitar.  The pickups themselves are original to the 1958 Strat, but they have been slightly modded.  The magnets were pushed down slightly to create a flat, non-staggered magnet radius which allows the pickups to be set slightly closer to the strings for a more even response and a slightly hotter tone.  The coil output is on the higher end of Vintage examples and they rate out roughly at 6.4k neck, 5.9k mid, and 6.3k bridge.  The hotter neck allows for a great pushing rhythm tone.  Additionally, at some point a metalllic baseplate was added to the bridge pickup which helps fatten up the mid and treble response around 10% and gives a bigger bridge tone.  On the original, the baseplate was drilled to allow the pushed-down magnets to protrude from the bottom, but on this repro set the baseplate sits flush to prevent unwanted noise issues in the future and the magnets sit even with the fibreboard bobbin for easiest install and use.The 58 Flatpole single coil pickups are a direct drop in replacement for any S style guitar and offer a very unique glimpse into vintage tone!

Available in a variety of cover colors and  in either standard wiring or RWRP for hum cancelling in the 2/4 positions of your 5 way selector!  Order 'Matched Set' for a calibrated set!


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