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Greasy, Crunchy Vintage Ceramic Humbucker Tone

Blistering re-imagination of the mid 70's counterpoint to the venerable T-Top, the Tarback Replica is the newest offering from Manlius Pickups.  Also known as the Super Humbucker, these were found in many Norlin era Gibson guitars and are known for a very distinctive, rich and booming mid response with an aggressive push.  Nice bite to the top end and a tight bass response from the strong ceramic magnet.  The Tarback punches above its DCR output weight and gives you a hot tone worthy of a wide range of styles.

These are vintage interpretations based off of some sets that I personally own.  These feature vintage outputs, offsets, and magnets coupled with modern playability features including universal depth base-plates, premium alloy pole screws and slugs, and durable ABS bobbins.  

Vintage cool with classic output and the raw vibe of ceramic magnets!  A great combo.

For best performance, these pickups are wax potted - Not dunked in black epoxy


General Specs

  • Baseplates - pure nickel silver with universal depth legs
  • Magnets - Ceramic 8
  • Wire - Vintage SPN
  • Covers - pure nickel silver, plated or unplated
  • Bobbins - high sheen and field polished, various colors
  • Spacing - Standard and wide F spacing available on all models
  • Conductor - vintage braid two conductor or low impedance 4 conductor
  • Winding - hand scatter-wound with mismatched coils
  • Aging - available at no additional cost
  • DC - 5.6k neck ; 7.8k bridge

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